ramon and sharon derbyI’m here at the Kentucky Derby as a fan for the first time. Derby weekend is something I love and always look forward to.  It’s  interesting experiencing it from a different perspective.  I’m enjoying being here with my wife and enjoying all the festivities as a couple.  We’ve been attending some of the events this weekend leading up to the Derby and I’ve been able to eat anything I want!

Even though this time I won’t be on a horse back, I’m sure I will still get a lump in my throat as the horses approach the track and “My Old Kentucky Home” is played in just a few moments.

As I take time to pause and experience this moment in my life, I just have to say again that being nominated to the HOF was an amazing honor. Being inducted to the HOF has been an incredible experience. Sharon and I have been on a whirlwind in these days since the announcement and it makes the excitement of Derby week out of this world! 

The HOF induction is a great reminder of many accomplishments that may have seemed small in the moment but when put together add up to a blessed career – I’m thinking back on all those moments that made up my racing career. I’m thinking about all the people behind the scenes who make such a great day like today possible. I’m thinking about all the jockeys riding today, the trainers, the owners and, of course, the horses.  What moments are in store for them once the bugle call is sounded? 

Take time to stop and notice the moments of your life. We never know what small moments will turn our to be the most memorable.